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Projects In Distribution

Written, Directed, Produced, and starring Jill Jaress


"1-NIGHTER"  is my 90-minute romantic comedy available on Amazon, Google Play and Vimeo.  1 Nighter" garners 3.0 to 4.2 stars on Amazon.  Many of the high budget studio films get less than 3.0    


I won "The Golden Leopard  Award" for Best Lead Actress in the Canada International Film and Television Festival and Best Romantic Comedy in the IFQ Festival and twelve additional awards in international and Academy-qualifying festivals. Starring with me is that wonderful Golden Globe nominee, Timothy Bottoms. 


I'm so proud of this film because I did every job on it from writing the first page of the screenplay to getting the distributor. Except for the camera and sound crew. JP Pearce, was DP and Ace Underhill handled sound.  Both of them were wonderful and supported me every step of the way!  My thanks goes out to them.


This was a low budget gorilla shoot with no money for great sets and all the coverage I wanted, which means the ratings we get are due to the actors and the writing. 





SOMEONE TO LOVE is a short I wrote, produced, directed and accidentally starred in.  The actress I cast didn't show up for the shoot.   So I asked the DP, JP Pierce, to line up the shots while I memorized the lines. We shot the entire film in sixteen hours.  


Someone to Love screened at Cannes to an SRO audience in the SFC and won eleven laurels in additional Academy-qualifying and international festivals.  It’s available on Vimeo. It also stars Jennifer Murphy and Kristian Capalik.


My gratitude goes to JP.   I couldn't have made this film without him and his wonderful crew.  Also, Ace Underhill for sound and Ken Polk for sound editing.


The full-length script based on the short is available, and I'm looking for producing partners to collaborate on the feature.  It's a commercial feel-good romantic comedy. 

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