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I started as an actress when I was 20.  I talked my way into William Morris without a referral. Dan Stevens signed me.  My first job was starring in a series on ABC.  Followed by recurring, starring, & guest starring roles on television, in films, on Broadway and the West End in London. 


I've played just about every character a woman can play, both comedic and dramatic - except a Nun.   No one bought my Nun.


I added writing to my skill set and fell in love with it. I can't stop.  I have to write every day or I get cranky.


My spec scripts were optioned like hot cakes but none of them made it to the big screen.   So, I opened my own production company and wrote, produced,  directed and acted in a short, "Someone to Love".    It went to  Cannes and won multiple awards at other festivals. It's in distribution now with a 4.8 star rating on IMDB. 


Next was a 90-minute romantic comedy, “1 Nighter” starring Golden Globe nominee Timothy Bottoms and myself.  I also wrote, produced and directed.   It gets 3 to 4.2 stars on Amazon depending on how much I promote it.  


Now, I’m moving into mainstream films with my next feature, “Finding Joy”.  It’s an everywoman empowerment story about losing love, gaining strength and finding joy.  


It's not a "me too" revenge script or an empowerment script with Amazon women clad in bikinis, battling beasts to save humanity. 


"Finding Joy" is about a great mom and a loving wife who loses love, gains strength and finds Joy.  It's exactly what

we need right now!  A movie that makes us feel good!


I have no desire to direct it.  This script deserves an

excellent director at the top of his or her game. 


Thanks for the read. 




Jill Jaress

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