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Jill Jaress



a dramedy



Everyone says the same thing about Joy Richman, "She's the nicest person I've ever met."  


For thirty-five years she's been a wonderful mom to her three daughters and a loving supportive wife to her husband Grant.  Then something happened. They fought.  He left.  


The next day she went to the bank and discovered he had been transferring all of their assets, including their home, into his name.  He had closed all their accounts then hopped on a plane to Singapore. 


She goes after him.  She doesn't want revenge.  She only wants what is legally due to her.  In this case, it's 3.2 billion dollars and 34/35ths of 50% of the Fortune 500 company she helped him build.  


She tracks him down and discovers a dark world she knows nothing about

and two men who are nothing like her husband.





 Relentlessly entertaining right up to the cliffhanger ending.


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